54º 44' N   ///   05º 42' W 

Whiteharbour lies along the coast about 1 km SW of Whitehead, it is easily identified from sea by it's limestone block sea wall.





















































  The entrance to the harbour by sea is at the SW end of the limestone harbour between the                                                                 rounded harbour end and a basalt rock armour sea defence. Two red triangular reflective                                                                   beacons are positioned to guide vessels into the port side of the outer mouth, then a 90°turn to                                                         starboard takes you through the inner mouth (4metres wide) and into the secluded mooring                                                             points.                                             


  A sill at the inner mouth retains a 1-2 metre mooring depth at the pontoon fingers.This sill inevitably                                             restricts depths on entering at low tide so please take extra care on approach, a depth gauge will be                                                 visible on the inner mouth to assist you. Although periodically dredged depending on recent weather                                              conditions the outer mouth can silt up to a similar level as the sill.


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Travelling by Road?


Access to Whiteharbour is via a private lane passing local residences, which unfortunately means you must be either a berth holder or have placed a call in advance to have a look around.



Travelling by Sea?


The sea entrance to the harbour is at the SW end of the harbour, between the rounded harbour end and basalt rock armour.


Two red reflective triangles are positioned to guide vessels into the port side of the outer mouth, where they then take a 90° turn starboard to face the inner mouth (4m wide) and proceed towards mooring points.


An underwater sill at the inner mouth decides an approx 1.3 metre mooring depth at the pontoon. Take extra care when entering on a low tide, taking note of the depth gauge on the wall of the inner mouth for assistance.

The outer mouth is periodically dredged, however silt may still form an underwater sill here alongside the rounded harbour wall - always remain fully aware of your vessel and your surroundings.