Whiteharbour is a privately owned, unique & fully funtional limestone harbour. 


Steeped in history dating back to 1850 the harbour now  welcomes pleasure craft and small commercial craft alike. 




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                                Welcome                                                               Whiteharbour is a private harbour owned by

                         Terence & Kim Stitt .                                                            In 2014 the entire harbour was dredged and                                  new pontoons were fitted with water , lighting                              and electricity available for all berths.                                                  The grade II listed seawall was repointed and                            repaired .  A depth gauge and swingnet were                                  fitted at the inner mouth to help with safe                                      passage in, and to help reduce the amount of                                  seaweed entering the harbour.                                                        A landing point and ladder has been more                                      recently fitted outside the swingnet .                                                The whole harbour area is covered by a CCTV                                 security system.                                                                                    Car parking is provided in a good sized carpark                             situated on the inside of the railway track and                               an old limestone archway provides the harbour                             access.                                                                                                  Toilets and a shower are provided as well as tea                            and coffee with free wifi in the old converted                                stable block.                                                                                           The old wooden boat building shed has been                                  retained along with all the original tools .